Visitor Agreement/Orientation Video


Link to visitor agreement/waiver (must be signed by ANYONE ENTERING the climbing gym).  If you are a minor, your parent/legal guardian must sign the visitor agreement/waiver.

Save time at the gym by signing your visitor agreement prior to arrival to the gym!

We will also have an ipad kiosk available for signing at the gym.

If you are a first time customer, you MUST watch an orientation video prior to climbing.  We will have it playing on a screen at the gym, but if you prefer to watch it prior to arrival, see the link to the video below.

*OF NOTE:  The video was filmed prior to completion of the gym.  Many new routes/holds have been added to the room shown in the video.  The other bouldering room (with the roof feature and more advanced bouldering) is not shown in the video.  The climbing training room and party room with private kid friendly wall are also not shown (private room wall is open to the public when there are no other events scheduled and there are other kid friendly walls in the other bouldering rooms as well).

Gym Rules

1.  All youth age 13 and younger must be supervised at all times.   There must be a least 1 adult (aged 18 or over) per 3 children aged 3-13.  There must be a 1:1 ratio of adult (aged 18 and over) to child under age 3.   

2. All minors (age 17 and younger) MUST have a visitor agreement signed by their parent/legal guardian (no exceptions to this rule).

3. EVERYONE entering the gym must have a signed visitor agreement on file.

4. All participants must watch the orientation video prior to climbing for the first time.

5. No running/horseplay allowed.

6. Avoid sitting or standing under areas where other people may be climbing.

7. Food/drinks/gum/candy are not allowed in the climbing areas.

8. No street shoes on the climbing mats.  Parents (or other spotters) who are helping their children must either take shoes off or wear climbing shoes.

9. You are responsible for your own personal belongings.  Cubbies are provided for personal belongings. 

10.  Do not climb with loose items (ex/ keys, phones, etc.) in your pockets or on your person. 

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